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Custom Concrete Finishes

Make a Statement

Concrete can be customized by adding color, borders, finishing techniques and decorative saw cuts. Examples of finishes are listed below. See our Outdoor Living page for more pictures.


Colored Concrete

Concrete doesn't have to be gray! There are several techniques used to achieve colored concrete that can be customized.

This sidewalk is colored, stamped and saw cut.


Concrete is finished, then stamped using large rubber mats to achieve a textured relief of the design. Combining stamped concrete with color adds dimension.

There are many different types of stamps available. This one is called "Forest Floor". 

IMG_1711 2.jpg

Exposed Aggregrate

If you are looking for a beautiful, simple, durable and textured concrete, you can't beat exposed aggregate. This technique washes away a thin layer of concrete exposing the rocks, pebbles and sand that comprises the aggregate.

In this picture, a coral mix was used to create a lighter colored finish.


Salt finished concrete is accomplished by broadcasting rock salt and lightly troweling it in to finished concrete. The salt is washed away when concrete is dry, revealing soft holes and texture. When done by an expert, the result is very natural and clean.

These salt finished steps give a moss rock feel, especially when landscaped.



Considered a standard finish, nothing beats a broom finish for functionality. This concrete blends rather than drawing attention, and provides texture for grip.

Most City & County sidewalks are a good example of broom finish. 


Board form is an old-school technique that has gained popularity for the rustic finish. Many architects are using board form concrete today.

We used board forms for this poured in place wall. You can see the relief of the wood when removed from the solid concrete.

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