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A beautiful driveway for an amazing location. Achieved with multiple small batch colored concrete pours, Ashlar stamp, and antiquing to set off the dimensions. Borders poured separately with contrasting color and salt finish. A worthy challenge with excellent results!


Don't be in a hurry when doing your driveway. Attaching your driveway to the street requires a permit. Without understanding the code requirements of this connection, many homeowners find themselves in violation of the ADA Act, and begin receiving fines. The only remedy is to tear out the concrete and do it again. Choosing a licensed contractor will protect you from these types of mistakes. This driveway is exposed aggregate with decorative borders and heavy traction finish as the incline increases.

IMG_1190 2.jpg

While some people love the look of faux moss rock driveways, others prefer the low maintenance of a solid surface. Synthetic turf between these custom pavers will be durable and beautiful.


Nothing says "you're home" like that moment you pull into your driveway. Every driveway provides a great opportunity to make a statement. This driveway is salt-finished with an exposed aggregate border.


This beautiful project has an exposed aggregate finish with grass strips creating a clean and natural feel.

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