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Start Right, Stay Right


New construction today is built with great margins for safety. With these margins come great expense. Engineers have their name on the line every time that stamps hits a set of plans. That liability lasts for years. Every time a natural disaster occurs, codes are updated, and stricter engineering is applied. What that means for the homeowner is high quality construction designed to pass the test of time. There is nothing more important than your foundation in starting a construction project off on the right foot.


The important factor is ground preparation. A significant portion of Oahu's soil is expansive. This is bad news for your concrete longevity. The cure for expansive soils is over excavation and importing structural fill. This process often times is equivalent in cost to the actual slab price. Understanding this is the first step in selecting a contractor.


Choosing a contractor based on cost alone, without understanding the work description, is a recipe for disaster. Understanding your soil conditions is one of McLaren Masonry, Inc.'s specialties.

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