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Am I Ready For a Quote?

Do you have a drawing? Do you have a permit? Have you checked with or have approval from your neighborhood association?

How Do I Know If I Need A Permit?

You need a permit if you are constructing any of the following: fence wall, retaining wall, any wall over eighteen inches, any foundation for current or future building addition, any driveway or sidewalk that joins to the City & County road or walkway.

You do not need a permit for sidewalks around your house or pathways in a non-flood area. If in a flood zone, special rules apply.

Does My Wall Need Waterproofing?

If your wall has earth backfilled against it, then we would say yes. True, many retaining walls are not connected to living space and waterproofing is considered not essential.

However, know there will be an eternal force known as hydrostatic pressure. This pressure forces moisture through sub-grade walls, accelerating the destructive effects of iron oxidation (rust). With this in mind, we recommend waterproofing or at the least, damp-proofing all sub-grade walls. Effective draining solutions are an expense that in the long run pay dividends in the form of longevity.

Contact us and see if we have a solution for your drainage needs.

Why Should I Hire A Licensed Contractor?

Excerpt from the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs: A licensed contractor has the training and experience necessary to obtain a contractor’s license. The State of Hawaii’s Contractor’s License Board has checked into the contractor’s background and is satisfied that the person is qualified to hold a contractor’s license.

A licensed contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This protects you as a homeowner from putting your property at risk if anyone is injured on your project or if anything is damaged while the work is being done.

A licensed contractor is able to obtain and sign building permits. 

Read more on Hiring a Licensed Contractor .

Lastly, if anything goes wrong with your home improvement project, the Contractor’s Recovery Fund is available to you only if you have hired a licensed contractor.

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